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#DigitalChain #Cryptocurrency #WearableBIT #BankWearables #5GWearable

The future of banking is in the sky, both literally and figuratively. A process that is beginning today but will rapidly accelerate going forward is for all of your information to be in the cloud supported by thousands, if not millions, of servers. You will be able to authenticate yourself with a combination of biometrics and complex passwords from whatever device you choose using cellular networks as well as wireless internet. You will then be able to conduct any banking transaction online anywhere that you are, eventually eliminating the need for physical banks entirely.

To be linked is to be connected as if by links in a chain.  ** ( lighting transactions) ( ( Decentralized App)

WearableBit - Wearable Smart Wallet  (  Ethereum Virtual Machine)




LEAFWALLET.COM is For Sale ( seed to sale tracking for cannabis) ( wearable system)

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